This 1/7 Signum figure by Alter is beautiful, and it's up for preorder. But DAT PRICETAG! 15000 yen! FIFTEEN THOUSAND. I like the figure but I'm not sure I'm enough of a fan of Signum to justify that kind of expenditure. I mean that's 15000 before shipping, before tax, before handling fees as well. Yikes.

Surprise is right...

I saw this and had to check my watch to see if I'd slipped forwards or backwards in time to April fools day. I mean what the... I don't even. I haven't even read the articles, it just looks and sounds ridiculous. P.S. No Ani-club til late Thursday or usual time Friday. Too tired, too busy.

FFXIV: The Hundred Years War

So it seems that both the English and the French have laid claim to the Moogle (EU) server for FFXIV. Also happens to be the server me and my friends are playing on. Fun times. If there's free server transfers I might look into moving to Odin (oh the irony), apparently it's more heavily English over there.

Rumours of my death...

Have been wholly accurate. But like most self-respecting heroes (or villains... mwhahah) I couldn't resist another bounce on this old mortal coil. So I got better and recovered from that pesky condition known as mors mortis. Well it may be known as that, I'm not sure. My Latin is a bit rusty, stupid correspondence…


Hmmm.... Do I need one?

My copy of MH3U for 3DS arrived today, and although I've been playing it on the Wii U so far I gave it a whirl on the 3DS since that's what I'll probably be playing it on this weekend while I'm away. I fought a Rathian and my impressions are... mixed. I got my teeth into the series on PSP so I never used to have it,…

Decisions, decisions

So I may have mentioned before the promotion Nintendo of Europe is running. Buy and register three games from a list of eight and get a free digital copy of a fourth game. It's a decent list and I already have one game (Fire Emblem) so I'm considering taking advantage of it. The problem is which game to get digitally.